Why the Catholic Church is Relevant to Me Today

How many times in a day do you pray to your higher power? How many times have you read the Bible in your life so far? What are the key points from the Old and New Testament you remember today? How many of the principles related to charity, forgiveness, and love for everyone govern your life today?

These were only some of the questions I faced, when I went for the opening of a new Catholic church in my neighborhood. It was last Sunday morning at 9:00. I had my coffee and went to the program. I am not an atheist, because I believe in my higher power. I am also not a conservative Catholic, because I go to the church only for praying. I read the Bible for the first time when I was 16.

My father insisted I should attend the readings every Sunday afternoon. I did go for about a year. Then I had a feeling that I had understood everything. From that day I stopped going to the readings.

Changes in My Life

I started working in an n Information Technology Company after my masters. The meaning of life drastically changed since then. L-I-F-E for me meant Work, Wine, and nothing more. Stress started getting to my nerves and brain. I worked hard, drank harder, and loved dating. After a few years, I even stopped going to the Church.

I never realized these changes were negative. I started making fun of those spiritual; guys and gals who went to Church and stayed sober. My lifestyle lasted for about 10 years before I realized something horrible. I had become a full blown alcoholic.

I resigned my job and started working as a freelancer. It was not because of inconvenience. The truth was I didn’t want to accept another human as my boss. I wanted more free-time to drink and a flexible working schedule.

Bankruptcy in Life

Financial bankruptcy came much later. Moral, Spiritual, and self respect were the first things that I threw out of the window. I had become a self-centered man who wanted to have nothing with my community and spiritual life. Finally, my house and cars went for the mortgage. I shifted my residence to a cheap Motel at the countryside. Luckily I had remained a bachelor. That saved another human from going through hell with me.

Revival of Life

Being penniless, I decided to go to the Church, hoping to get some food and wine. There I met the chief Baptist, who took me to his home. He gave me new clothes, lots of food and of course the wine. He spoke nothing for the next two weeks until my health recovered. One fine Sunday he took me to the Bible reading session. I listed to every word and sentence they read. The revival of my life started at last.

Today’s Life

I am happy and satisfied in my life today. By the grace of higher power, I am married and have a cute baby boy. I hope I have delivered the message of the Catholic Church’s relevance today. Many former atheists like me may feel connected to my brief life story.

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