Intimate Connection between the Catholic Church and Spirituality of Life

Life is a vast ocean filled with vivid memories of the past and positive aspirations for the future. You can look at it from multiple perspectives. Regardless of the way you perceive life, there is always an element of spirituality in it. Life evolves from the elements of existence to the core of spiritual growth and expansion of eternal knowledge. Every day is an opportunity to experience life.

Take a few minutes and look at your life as it is. You have a purpose, a hope, and a plan for your day. You may spend most of your day at work. The rest you spend in traffic, cafeteria, canteen, pub, sports club, etc. How much of quality time do you have for your family? Make a list and note down the time you spend on all these activities. Deduct your sleeping hours and check what is remaining. Is it zero, positive, or on the negative?

Catholic Church and Spirituality

 How much of time do you have for yourself? What do you do in that time? Try to spare some of that time for spirituality. But before that, you have to ask a question to yourself. “What does spirituality mean to me?” If you can’t find an answer, the Catholic Church is the place you can find it.

Spirituality is more than following the sacred path and ingesting the holy books. It is the spirit of love and affection. The first person whom you can love is yourself. Only then you can give share it with others.

Here is the story of a man who considered himself to be highly spiritual. He had read many spiritual books and thought he had understood everything. Yet, he was unhappy and discontented in life. The bliss of satisfaction never came to him. Puzzled, he approached a spiritual person in the Catholic Church.

The spiritual person listened to him patiently. The man wanted to know what was missing in his life that could fill the void. He got a simple answer to his question. It was called “love and affection for everyone and everything including the self”.

Life as it is – Without Expectations

Once you set yourself on the spiritual path, there is no need to worry about negative factors like fear, uncertainty, conflicts, resentments, discontentment, and so on. You can visualize the purpose of your life which always eluded you. It is like cleaning the soot and dust from a mirror.

Your goal life could be a success in business, job, sports, or anything else. Only love can make you progress towards that goal. Also, you can realize that life a journey rather than reaching a destination.

Catholic Church – The Message from the Messiah

Once you understand the spiritual message from the Catholic Church, life becomes simple and clear like a crystal ball. You can move ahead in life, learn from the past, and focus on the future. Your feet are firm and your conscious mind is in the present, enjoying life as it is.

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