About Us

Welcome to my blog on the Catholic Church. It has been a great pleasure to write about the religion started by Jesus himself. In my blog, I will be writing about some of the most interesting stories about the 12 apostles whom he appointed. I shall also be talking about the resurrection of Jesus, the church, and the other saints in the Catholic religion.

The 7 Extra Books

You may be already familiar with the deuterocanonical books. I will also be covering Psalm 151, 3 Maccabees, Prayer of Manasseh, and 1 Esdras in my blogs. Of course, I will try not to be too theoretical in my approach. I shall try to include some of the most interesting stories from these books as well as the church.

Why Stories 

Listening to stories and narrating them have been the greatest passions of life since childhood. My mom used to narrate a lot of absorbing stories from the church, and other saint’s life history. They narrated not only the experience of the various characters, but also the morality, spirituality, and family bonding.

Stories are the easiest way to understand many of the complex concepts of the church. The Old Testament stories consisting of the tower of Babel, the story of creation, John the Baptist, and many others have been more than just interesting. In my blog, I shall share 100s of stories from the Old and New Testaments for everyone.

Old Testament Chapters

It is a great pleasure to read from the 50 chapters of Genesis in the Old Testament. I shall try to relate the chapters with our everyday life. Similarly, I shall try to connect the other chapters from the Old and New Testaments to our everyday life.

New Testament Chapters

The New Testament is more interesting than the Old version. The main concepts are based on salvation. There are two concepts, namely Biblical theology, and systematic theology. In my blog, I will try to cover both of them to the extent possible. Of course, I am not here to interpret any part of the Old and New Testaments.  My aim is to read the chapters as they are and narrate the concepts as they are.

Adaptation to Life

I came across an evangelist 10 years ago, who taught me the true meaning of the Church with relevance to today’ world. He also told me about the various aspects of applying the concepts in my family life, professional life, personal life, and community life. I have been trying to implement those principles in my life so far. I shall share some of the most interesting aspects with you in my blogs.

Where to go From Here

You must have experienced or read about the increasing violent activities among the communities in your neighborhood. Many evangelists and community leaders are working day and night towards world peace. I shall try and explore some of the stories of such leaders and share them with you in my blog. Keep reading and sharing my blog stories with your friends.