Intimate Connection between the Catholic Church and Spirituality of Life

Life is a vast ocean filled with vivid memories of the past and positive aspirations for the future. You can look at it from multiple perspectives. Regardless of the way you perceive life, there is always an element of spirituality in it. Life evolves from the elements of existence to the core of spiritual growth and expansion of eternal knowledge. Every day is an opportunity to experience life.

Take a few minutes and look at your life as it is. You have a purpose, a hope, and a plan for your day. You may spend most of your day at work. The rest you spend in traffic, cafeteria, canteen, pub, sports club, etc. How much of quality time do you have for your family? Make a list and note down the time you spend on all these activities. Deduct your sleeping hours and check what is remaining. Is it zero, positive, or on the negative?

Catholic Church and Spirituality

 How much of time do you have for yourself? What do you do in that time? Try to spare some of that time for spirituality. But before that, you have to ask a question to yourself. “What does spirituality mean to me?” If you can’t find an answer, the Catholic Church is the place you can find it.

Spirituality is more than following the sacred path and ingesting the holy books. It is the spirit of love and affection. The first person whom you can love is yourself. Only then you can give share it with others.

Here is the story of a man who considered himself to be highly spiritual. He had read many spiritual books and thought he had understood everything. Yet, he was unhappy and discontented in life. The bliss of satisfaction never came to him. Puzzled, he approached a spiritual person in the Catholic Church.

The spiritual person listened to him patiently. The man wanted to know what was missing in his life that could fill the void. He got a simple answer to his question. It was called “love and affection for everyone and everything including the self”.

Life as it is – Without Expectations

Once you set yourself on the spiritual path, there is no need to worry about negative factors like fear, uncertainty, conflicts, resentments, discontentment, and so on. You can visualize the purpose of your life which always eluded you. It is like cleaning the soot and dust from a mirror.

Your goal life could be a success in business, job, sports, or anything else. Only love can make you progress towards that goal. Also, you can realize that life a journey rather than reaching a destination.

Catholic Church – The Message from the Messiah

Once you understand the spiritual message from the Catholic Church, life becomes simple and clear like a crystal ball. You can move ahead in life, learn from the past, and focus on the future. Your feet are firm and your conscious mind is in the present, enjoying life as it is.

Catholic Church and the Youth

What is the Catholic Church?

Catholic Church is the largest in the world with over 3 billion followers of the faith. We are who believe in the resurrection of Jesus. We are governed by the holy bible and the traditions that are prevalent in the Roman Catholic Church. We follow the ministry of Jesus all over the world in our daily prayers, sermons, and other rituals.

Spreading Awareness

Our primary task is to spread awareness among youth all over the world. Our Youth ministry has been active in the rapidly changing world in enlightening people about the importance of our faith. We know that today’s youth are going through a tough transition period. There are many forces which can challenge their faith. What are they?

Modern Life

Let there be no assumptions among the youth that modern lifestyle alone can give them strength and hope. You may be aware of a growing sense of emptiness in the hearts and restless in the mind. These feelings could be more among the younger generation, than among the middle-aged and the elders. The concepts of materialistic growth and sensual pleasures have overtaken the sensibility of spirituality. At least this is what you get to see in modern society today. What can you do about it?

Catholic Church for Resurgence

Well, the situation is not all that grim. There is a flame of spiritual flame still glowing within the hearts of Catholic church-goers and believers. It can always convert into resurgence if you are a part of the movement. What you have to do is to carry the message to every youth of the nation who are just like you.  The Catholic Church is always there to support you in your efforts.

What You Can Do

You can help to improve the social, community, and spiritual life of at least one person who is not a member of your family. Before that, you have to explore the Bible and other holy scriptures. You have to relate every aspect of the Catholic Church way of life with the modern lifestyle. It takes time, effort, and dedication.

Take time off on weekends and go to the people who don’t know about the importance of the Bible. Read them the passages and make them understand. Don’t worry, they are not hostile. They are only ignorant of the spiritual way of life. They will surely listen to you and appreciate your readings. You can also be thankful to them for getting an opportunity to carry the holy message.

Carrying the message is one way of cleansing your mind and soul. You will feel more peaceful with yourself than ever before. You can work and live in modern society without getting attached to the non-spiritual way of life.

Growing Catholic Church Community

The Catholic Church is a growing faith among the greater communitarians in the world. Join us in making it a better place to live peacefully with the people of other faiths. May his blessings be with you in your efforts. 

My Faith in the Catholic Church

My Faith in the Catholic Church

I have been a strong follower of the Catholic Church since I got a new life after sobriety. Weekdays don’t allow me to go to church because of a heavy work schedule. However, I am there every weekend for prayers, bible reading, and community activities. I also read stories of Jesus’ resurrection to the children and elders of the community. It has been a happy life so far, and I pray that it remains so for the rest of my life.

Freedom from Bondage

The Catholic Church has given me the liberation from bondage to self-centered thoughts and lifestyle. Today I have found myself to be more useful to my family and the community in which I live. Being a mechanical engineer by profession, I can assist people to start small business and industry in this field. I have a small mechanical workshop in which I train many poor students who can’t afford to have an education at colleges.

My first experiment with such an enterprise started when I met the senior father at the Catholic Church where I go for prayers and reading. He suggested that I do something useful for African American communities. 

Solar Panels 

Energy bill for the average African American household is a major cause of concern. Many of them own air conditioners, heaters, TV, gas lines, and other facilities at home. But most of them find it tough to pay the energy bills. Hence, we thought of an alternate energy source which is cheaper, readily available, and simple to maintain.

Solar panels are highly in demand among the middle-class communities. However, the installation and material prices seem to be still beyond the purchasing capacity of these people. So, we decided to start small scale enterprises run by the local youth. We bought the materials from cheap sources and started manufacturing the solar panels.

Installation is simple because it is a portable system. You can add more panels when required. Eventually, you can convert it into a rooftop model for generating power. You can sue it for lighting, A/C, cooking, washing, and other appliances. However, you have to use the appliances in the queue as the power output is lower than the conventional system. You will find it economical and efficient anyway.

Product Assembly

The Catholic Church has supported our community to develop product assembly units all over the towns and countryside. The units have provided jobs to many youths who were once addicts and alcoholics. We are grateful to the pastor and the administrators for helping out the communities in need.

There are hundreds of other social welfare schemes by the Catholic Churches all over the world. So, the faith of millions is still alive.

Spirituality for Life

Spirituality from the concept of Jesus is something which is pure and innocent like a child. It can transform many lives all over the world into more purposeful and meaningful goals.


 My faith in the resurrection Catholic has been constant and pure. I hope the believers out there can relate to me.

Why the Catholic Church is Relevant to Me Today

How many times in a day do you pray to your higher power? How many times have you read the Bible in your life so far? What are the key points from the Old and New Testament you remember today? How many of the principles related to charity, forgiveness, and love for everyone govern your life today?

These were only some of the questions I faced, when I went for the opening of a new Catholic church in my neighborhood. It was last Sunday morning at 9:00. I had my coffee and went to the program. I am not an atheist, because I believe in my higher power. I am also not a conservative Catholic, because I go to the church only for praying. I read the Bible for the first time when I was 16.

My father insisted I should attend the readings every Sunday afternoon. I did go for about a year. Then I had a feeling that I had understood everything. From that day I stopped going to the readings.

Changes in My Life

I started working in an n Information Technology Company after my masters. The meaning of life drastically changed since then. L-I-F-E for me meant Work, Wine, and nothing more. Stress started getting to my nerves and brain. I worked hard, drank harder, and loved dating. After a few years, I even stopped going to the Church.

I never realized these changes were negative. I started making fun of those spiritual; guys and gals who went to Church and stayed sober. My lifestyle lasted for about 10 years before I realized something horrible. I had become a full blown alcoholic.

I resigned my job and started working as a freelancer. It was not because of inconvenience. The truth was I didn’t want to accept another human as my boss. I wanted more free-time to drink and a flexible working schedule.

Bankruptcy in Life

Financial bankruptcy came much later. Moral, Spiritual, and self respect were the first things that I threw out of the window. I had become a self-centered man who wanted to have nothing with my community and spiritual life. Finally, my house and cars went for the mortgage. I shifted my residence to a cheap Motel at the countryside. Luckily I had remained a bachelor. That saved another human from going through hell with me.

Revival of Life

Being penniless, I decided to go to the Church, hoping to get some food and wine. There I met the chief Baptist, who took me to his home. He gave me new clothes, lots of food and of course the wine. He spoke nothing for the next two weeks until my health recovered. One fine Sunday he took me to the Bible reading session. I listed to every word and sentence they read. The revival of my life started at last.

Today’s Life

I am happy and satisfied in my life today. By the grace of higher power, I am married and have a cute baby boy. I hope I have delivered the message of the Catholic Church’s relevance today. Many former atheists like me may feel connected to my brief life story.